Breakthrough Thailand from Baker Stories on Vimeo.

Social challenges aren’t hard to come by in rural Thailand.   Solutions are.

Thailand’s rural Northeast (Isaan) region faces a complex web of challenges that too often keeps young men and women from reaching their full potential. On the surface are drug and alcohol addictions, teenage pregnancies, high drop-out rates and rampant migration to urban centers to find employment, often in high-risk sectors such as the sex industry. A closer look reveals cycles of brokenness – broken family units, failing educational systems and struggling economies – being passed from generation to generation leading to widespread social challenges.

But it only takes one to break a cycle. One teen girl trading her expected fate of being a high school drop-out, teen mom and karaoke bar worker for bigger dreams of university education and holding out for a strong husband. One teen boy realizing there’s more to life than day labor, drinking and drugs, and daring to dream of a better education, a good job and a healthy family.

This is our dream.

That she hears an encouraging word and dares to dream of a better future. That he is enveloped by a community committed to cultivating his dreams. That they both are given opportunities to break the cycle of brokenness – to breakthrough to a brighter future.

One breakthrough at a time, we believe a new generation of leaders will emerge.

Our Mission

Through community-based efforts, Breakthrough Thailand seeks to strike at the roots of sexual exploitation by restoring and transforming families, education systems and economic paradigms in Thailand’s rural Isaan communities.

The Breakthrough community does this through:

  • Investment in education and leadership development for at-risk teens and young adults
  • Modeling and teaching healthy relationships, parenting methods and family dynamics
  • Exploration of an “alternative economics” for Isaan families including sufficiency living, creative discovery, and innovative income generation