Breakthrough Thailand

Through community-based efforts, Breakthrough Thailand seeks
to restore and transform families, education systems and economic
paradigms in Thailand’s rural Isaan communities.

Creative solutions to complex social challenges.

Trafficking and exploitation. Teenage Pregnancy. Addictions. Domestic Violence.
All Devastating. All Preventable.

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Thai culture places a high importance on family — a beautiful aspect of the country’s culture.  Young Thai people faithfully fulfill financial responsibilities to care for family members, be it grandparents, parents, siblings or children.  Faithfulness to this financial responsibility, however, has a flip side. Learn More.


Thailand’s Northeast (Isaan) region is considered the country’s rice basket, but is also the poorest region of the country. Migration to Bangkok or other urban centers for employment creates broken family structures and often leaves children to be raised by elderly grandparents.
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Underfunded schools and politicized administrative structures make it difficult for rural Thai schools to achieve standards of quality in education.  Coupled with weak family structures at home, youth are often left with little motivation or means to complete their secondary education. Learn More.